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At a Glance

Grades Served: 2-12 co-educational
Teacher/Student Ratio: 1:3
Average Academic Class Size: 4-8 students
Day Students: Grades 2-12
Residential Students:

Grades 9-12

(Applications for 8th grade residents will be made on a case-by-case basis.)

Current Student Enrollment: Elementary/Middle School: 163 day students
High School: 310 Students (148 day; 162 residential)
Total Faculty and Staff: 320
Accreditations: New England Association of Schools & Colleges; Massachusetts Department of Education

•National Association of Independent Schools, •Association of Independent Schools of New England, •Massachusetts Association of 766 Approved Private School, •National Association of Special Education Teachers - School of Excellence

Elementary/Middle School: 18 acres, 28 miles north of Boston
High School: 27 acres, 25 miles north of Boston
College Placement: 94% of our graduates enroll in college.
Alumni: An active and growing nationwide program with social and career networking opportunities for Landmark students and graduates
Summer Program: 160 students enroll in our educational programs each summer.
Outreach Program:

The Landmark School Outreach Program offers professional development courses on-site and online as well as publications for educators, administrators, clinicians, and parents. www.landmarkoutreach.org