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Support Services

Landmark provides a health center and counseling services at each campus. College guidance counseling and a chaplain are provided at the High School.

Guidance Counseling & College Preparation

Landmark's Guidance Department works with juniors and seniors to help them select a successful path for life after Landmark. A program to transition and plan for a broad range of new schools, college, vocational and technical programs and careers includes workshops in the junior year and regular meetings in the senior year.


Landmark High School's Chaplain supports students in the pursuit of their own religion and faith, provides awareness of the traditions and beliefs of other faiths and organizes community service programs.

Serving the greater community is another significant part of the Chaplain's programs. Students participate throughout the year in hundreds of hours of Community Service projects to "give back." Projects range from working with local food pantries and animal shelters to Habitat for Humanity, an annual trip to orphanages in Jamaica and much more.

Health Center and Emergency Medical Services

The Elementary-Middle School and High School have Health Centers with staff that attend to the medical needs of the Landmark Community. In addition, the school physician, the Beverly Hospital Emergency Room and other specialists are also available at all times for residential student appointments and emergencies.


Landmark offers individual and group counseling sessions to students who are experiencing intermittent difficulties adjusting to academic, social, interpersonal or family issues.