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Why Landmark?

OUR STUDENTS process language differently. A range of language-processing difficulties, such as dyslexia, leads students to Landmark. They have the ability and motivation to learn. Traditional teaching methods, however, are not sufficient or effective because our students learn differently.

OUR TEACHERS understand these differences in learning and tap into each student’s intelligence. They uncover their talents, remediate skill deficits and teach our students how to learn, ask questions, and self-advocate for their needs.

OUR INDIVIDUALIZED APPROACH teaches to each student’s ability and skill level.
• Each student receives a daily one-to-one language arts tutorial.
• Classes are small in size (6-8 students).
• Landmark uses a multi-modal teaching approach.
• Classes are designed to provide individualized, remedial instruction.
• Graduation requirements must be met to receive a high school diploma.

OUR RESULTS allow students to transition to a broad range of schools, colleges, technical programs and successful careers.
• Over 94% of Landmark graduates attend college.