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Landmark Fund

What does my Landmark Fund gift support?

Your Landmark Fund gift supports daily one-to-one tutorials, small class sizes, individualized learning, personal case managers, athletics, performing arts and varied extra curricular activities.

What is the difference between the Landmark Fund and the Landmark Matters campaign?

The Landmark Fund supports the annual operating budget and the Landmark Matters campaign supports the construction of new buildings: a new Science Center on the High School campus and a new Classroom Building on the Elementary Middle School campus.The best way to differentiate between annual giving and a campaign is this: annual giving is like paying a mortgage on your home, while campaign giving is like putting an addition on your home.

I can't afford a big gift. Is there any point in my giving?

Yes! When small gifts are combined, they make a significant impact for Landmark School.

Does it count if I attend or sponsor an event?

Yes! Landmark School loves events! Sponsoring or attending Casino Night, the Spring Event, Annual Golf Outing are all ways you can support the Landmark Fund.

For questions contact Ryan DeJoy, Associate Director, at 978-236-3208.


Planned Giving

What exactly is planned giving and how is it different from other gifts to Landmark School?

Planned gifts are defined as gifts that involve more planning than simply writing a check. For example, making a gift from your estate involves an attorney to write your will as part of your financial estate plan.

Can I make a gift to Landmark School through my will using the proceeds pf my estate?

Yes, you can name Landmark School as a beneficiary of your estate in your will. You can choose either a set dollar amount or a percentage of your overall estate. Many people are able make a larger gift to Landmark School through planned giving than they can afford to give right now. Relying on estate assets allows that flexibility.

What other way can I make a planned gift?

You can name Landmark School as a beneficiary of a life insurance plan that you paid in full or one that you are still making premium payments towards. Just lt us know so that we can thank you!

For questions, contact Lisa Robinson, Associate Director, at 978-236-3205.


Corporate Matching Gifts

Corporations often match the gifts their employees and families make to charitable organizations. These programs match on a dollar-per-dollar basis, which can double or even triple your gift! For information on your employer's matching gift program, please contact their Human Resources Department.


Make a Gift Today!

Make a gift online or contact us to contribute in a way that suits you best.

For questions, contact Carolyn Orsini Nelson, Director of Institutional Advancement, at 978-236-3201.