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Bain House

Here at Bain Loft, 16 male students, 2 live-in faculty, and Houseparents Michael and Candace Gaeta, along with their daughter Aria, live in ocean-side splendor! As the hub of the High School Campus, Bain House's warm environment, spacious rooms, and private bathrooms make this house the place to be and be seen on campus. Because of its intimate setting and fun, musical, and sporty decor, Bain House is usually occupied by Juniors and Seniors who are veteran residents. Bain House also has a proud tradition of Community Service and athletic prowess.​

Bain residents have donated countless hours of time helping at local Food Banks, Soup Kitchens, and helping several families in need over the course of the year. We took the Winaukee Street Hockey Cup from Porter House in one of the most dramatic comebacks in non-sanctioned sports history and have also won the coveted "House Olympics" three years straight.  This year we have one of the most nicely assembled houses in recent memory and we are very excited to see what the future has in store for us in Bain House.

- Michael Gaeta, Houseparent