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New Family FAQs

Answers to commonly asked questions about Landmark School

1. How are students placed in classes?

EMS: The Campus Director, Academic Dean, and Department Heads review testing and file information, placement exams, and reports from previous school years, including teacher recommendations. Ultimately, administrators and Department Heads place students in classes deemed to be the best fit for that child based on skill level, learning style, peer group, and age.

HS: Generally the Academic Dean, Department Heads, and Academic Advisors review testing and file information, placement exams, and reports from previous years, including teacher recommendations. Ultimately, administrators, department heads and Academic Advisors place students in classes deemed to be the best fit for that child based on skill level, learning style, peer group, and age.

2. When will my child receive his/her class schedule?

EMS: Students receive their class schedules on the second day of the program, typically the Wednesday after Labor Day.

HS: Students receive their class schedules on the Friday before the first class at the end of orientation period.

3. When can I meet my child’s Academic Advisor?

EMS: Academic Advisors are assigned once the schedule is created. They will contact you within the first two weeks of school, and you can make arrangements to meet at that time.

HS: The normal procedure begins at the end of August when Academic Advisors return, review files, and make assignments. During the orientation process, you will be given the name of your child’s Academic Advisor and there is a New Parent Dinner for the specific purpose of beginning conversations with the Academic Advisor. If you are unable to attend the orientation events, you can expect communication from your child’s Academic Advisor during the first two weeks of school. You should feel free to subsequently contact your child’s Academic Advisor at any time. 

4. When can I meet my child’s teachers?

Conferences with teachers are scheduled twice yearly – in the fall and spring. There are other less formal opportunities to meet at any number of school events.

5. How do I get regular updates about how my child is doing in class?

There are three main ways to get updates: reports, conferences, and from Academic Advisors. Reports are issued quarterly, conferences are scheduled on the Parents Days held twice yearly in the fall and spring, and updates can be arranged through your child’s Academic Advisor on a routine basis as determined by the two of you.

6. Where can I find the academic year school calendar?

View the EMS Academic Year Calendar or the HS Academic Year Calendar. The full events calendar is updated throughout the year.

7. What is the dress code for students at Landmark School?

EMS: EMS Student Handbook (Dress Code is in the Personal Appearance section pages 10-12)

HS: Dress Code: Male, Female

8. What kinds of activities go on after the school day ends?

EMS: Typically, over half of our students stay after-school for activities. These range from interscholastic sports (e.g., soccer, basketball, track, baseball) to club activities (e.g., drama, bike club, games club, croquet club, art, woodshop) to special programs offered through outside vendors (e.g. fencing, KnowAtom science program).

HS: Residents are required to participate in an after school sports or activity program. Day students are welcome to and encouraged to participate as well. Beyond the sports programs, we offer art, woodworking, weight lifting (on and off campus), yoga, auto mechanics, study hall, drama, dance, and technical theater (set design) on a consistent basis. At times we have offered mountain biking, hacky sac, bouldering, skate boarding, and skiing. These are not a guarantee, just different options that have occurred depending upon the season.

9. My child will be a resident. What does he/she need to bring?

View the pdf:  What to Bring for Residential Students.

10. My child has special dietary needs. Who do I contact to discuss his/her diet?

Georganna El Heneidy, R.N., Director of Health Center at 978-236-3264 or John Scopelites, Director of Dining Services, at or 978.236.3249.

11. I would like to ship items to my HS student. Where can I send packages?

Packages should be sent to:
Landmark School
412 Hale Street
Prides Crossing, MA 01965
Please include your child’s name. There is no need to include the Residence (dorm).

12. I am interested in carpooling with other families. How can I find out who lives in my area?

Parents interested in carpooling should complete and return the Landmark Release form included in the registration forms or when you register online. You will receive a copy of the Directory via email periodically throughout the summer. For more information, contact: Katie Mullen,, 978.236.3408.

13. How can I get to know other Landmark parents?

The Landmark Parents Association (LPA) is an active and engaged group of parents who develop programs to benefit the entire Landmark community. There are a myriad of ways to stay connected to your child’s Landmark experience, get involved, and meet other Landmark families. The LPA sponsors monthly meetings and events and produces an email newsletter. You may also visit the “Parents” page: www. For more information, contact: Lisa Robinson, Major Gifts Officer and Director of Parent Programs,, 978.236.3205.