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Dress Down Week!

(photo from Mrs. Martin-Cone)
Thank you to the Student Council for sponsoring the midterm exam dress down week! Don't forget to give one of these people your $10!

Back row: Mo S. (Lop 1), Ryan D. (Day Student Rep), Maddie W (Woodisde), Noelle G. (Williston), Sabrina C. (Prep Rep), Madelyn F. (Williston), Shaurya A. (Lop 2), Tim D. (Cottage), Griffin R. (Porter)
Front row: Jack F. (treasurer), Seif M. (President), Liam C. (VP), Nicole F. (secretary)
And don't forget Katie D. (Prep Rep), Dewey M. (Day Student Rep), Sam P. (Day Student Rep), and Cal R. (Lop 2)!