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Student Book Reviews

Looking for a good book to read? Below is a sampling of books that the students of Landmark have reviewed to help you find your next good read.

The Bravest Dog Ever, by Natalie Standiford

Reviewed by Jack

This story takes place in Nome Alaska in 1925. It is about a lead sled dog named Balto. He is the bravest and smartest sled dog ever.

First two children got sick with an illness called diptheria. Then, the train got stuck in the snow. Next the town had held a meeting. The meeting was about how to get the medicine quickly to the children. After that, Balto and Gunnar’s team had to run 53 miles to Nome through a blizzard. Will Gunnar and Balto make it in time to save the children? I like this book a lot because I have a Boston Terrier.

I really think all dog lovers should read this book!

The Wednesday Wars, by Gary Schmidt

Reviewed by Sarah

Holling is a twelve-year-old boy who is in seventh grade at Camillo Junior High on Long Island, New York. This story is set in the 1960’s when the Vietnam War was happening. Holling is stuck with a teacher who he thinks is out to get him. And that’s not all; he has to spend Wednesday afternoons alone with her because the other children in his class have religious education on Wednesdays. At the beginning Mrs. Baker makes him clean and do other ridiculous chores like carrying twelve trays of cream puffs up three flights of stairs, and cleaning out the locker room. Several events follow this and change the way Holling looks at Mrs. Baker. I would recommend this book to somebody who likes a happy ending and an out of the ordinary beginning. This book keeps you turning the pages to find out what Holling has to endure next.

The Silver Skateboard, by Bob Wright

Review by Andrew

I enjoyed The Tom and Ricky Mystery Series: The Silver Skateboard, by Bob Wright, a lot! I would recommend it to people who like sports and skateboarding. Tom and Ricky find two men who are acting strange, and then they keep an eye on them and tell Sergeant Collins. The silver skateboard is a skateboard made out of silver that is the prize for a skateboard contest. The book was interesting because I didn’t know what the mystery was until near the end.

Gifts From The Sea, by Natalie Kinsey Warnock

Reviewed by Kylie

I read the book, Gift From The Sea by Natalie Kinsley Warnock.

The main characters are Aquila, Papa, Celia, and Margaret. This book takes place on Devils Rock Island, off the coast of Maine. Gifts From The Sea is mostly about how Aquila’s mom died and how a family had to deal with problems from the past. This book was inspired by a true story. I would recommend Gifts From The Sea because it’s fascinating and because of the story setting. Devils Rock seems like a very interesting place to live. However, I would only recommend this book to people who are into slow moving stories.

How Angel Peterson Got His Name, by Gary Paulsen

Reviewed by Lucas

This is an exciting and funny book. The book takes place in Minnesota in the 1950s. The characters in the book are Carl, Angel, Archie, Wayne, Bruce, Orvis, and Alan. This group of mischievous boys likes to terrorize the neighborhood and find ways to be known.

First, the boys want to go 80 miles per hour on skis behind a car. They are doing this because they want to set a new world record. Then, the boys want to be able to talk to girls now that they are 13-year-olds. They think it would be useful to them later on in their older years. Next, the boys now want to ride a wild bear and be able to win 20 dollars if they can stay on for a minute. To them 20 dollars is a whole lot of money but they would be risking their lives. After that, the boys now want to bungee jump off a bridge with a rope. When one kid jumps off and hits their head on the ground, they finally find out that this is not a good idea. Finally, the boys decide that they are going to see how far one kid can skitch on a skateboard. When a young boy skitches for 7 miles his parents find out about it and he gets in trouble.

I liked this book because it caught my eye. The book made me laugh with every page I turned. The book never got old and it had many unexpected events in it such as bungee jumping off a bridge with a rope. I would recommend this book to 13 to 14 year old boys and girls who want to read a book with some hilarious and extreme events.

Rules, By Cynthia Lord

Reviewed by Natalie

Rules is about a twelve –year old girl named Catherine. Her brother David who has autism is a challenge for her because she has to explain everything to him .For example, not to take off your pants in public. One day she goes to her brother’s O.T. lesson. There she meets a boy named Jason. Jason sadly is in a wheelchair and he can’t talk so he uses a communication book. They become friends and she makes little cards for him to use to speak with. One day in the summer she meets her new neighbor named Kristi who at first seemed like the perfect friend. Will she be a friend with this girl? Or will this friendship dies before it begins?

The part I liked the best was where she makes the decision of a lifetime. I liked this book because it tells about how it feels to be in that situation.