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High School Guidance

Landmark School has developed a coordinated and integrated transition curriculum that encourages students to identify their interests and skills, explore their talents and understand their learning needs as they plan for the future. Students engage in transition activities in Saturday School workshops, in tutorials, in classes and in meetings with their academic advisors. These workshops serve as a foundation that informs and guides them as they begin to work with the guidance office in their junior year.

Each year a student is at Landmark High School, the transition curriculum will have a specific focus and theme that helps students think about their post secondary planning.

  • In the freshman year students explore their interests. They are encouraged to think about possible careers and begin to engage in activities, courses and community service that will allow them to further understand their interests.
  • During the sophomore year, students work to understand themselves as learners. They begin to think about their strengths, weaknesses and learning styles.
  • As students enter junior year, they look at the various post secondary options and begin to explore each option.
  • Finally during senior year, they make some final decisions and develop a plan for the next step after Landmark.

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