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Video Testimonials

Students, parents, teachers and alumni talk about Landmark and facing the challenges of dyslexia.

Students’ Perspectives

High School Student Panel

Elementary•Middle Schoo Studentl Panel

More Student Perspectives

“I enjoy my teachers and watching my growth over the past two years. Also, the people here are great. We’re a diverse community of people and we all get along! We’re a family here and it really nice to come to school.”
Drew Sanborn, Landmark student

“You don’t know there’s something better out there until you experience it. For me, that ‘something better’ was Landmark’s Elementary•Middle School. I learned more in my first six weeks here than I did in five years at my old school. I had insanely good teachers, pushed myself, did extra work, and made a huge effort in tutorial every day. Now I’m at Landmark High School. I feel so comfortable here.”
Eliza Wildes, Landmark student

Parents’ Experiences

“Landmark gave us hope when we weren’t sure what the next step was for our daughter... we knew she was bright and capable, but we just didn’t fine educators who understood how she learned until we arrived at Landmark. Our daughter is a spirited young woman who found herself at Landmark. It is truly a beacon in the night.”
Sheryl Prohovich, Landmark parent

“Your system and staff are masters at breaking down the learning process and then laying out a framework for the development of learning skills that can be applied to any learner at any point in their development.”
Ken Manning, Landmark parent

Teachers' Perspectives

"Like many teachers, I am here because I love working with the students and being a part of an incredible community of teachers. The students present challenges that yield life-long memories and heart-felt relationships year after year. The intimacy of our small classes makes it possible to effectively know and understand each student. So we thrive in what is often a difficult environment. The emphasis on generating successful experiences for the students is a goal across the board here and it makes the job most gratifying."
Bill Chamberlain, Landmark Teacher

Alumni Look Back at Landmark

“After spending four years at Landmark I have learned so much about myself and the way you can accomplish a lot if you work hard for it. I also learned that in the long run my dyslexia is a gift that most people don’t have, and that I should embrace it not hate it.”
Liz Holzmacher, Landmark alumna

“I believe that coming to Landmark was one of the best decisions I ever made.”
Colin Kenny, Landmark graduate